FRONTLINES PRESS started out as anger, helplessness and frustration.

What it turned into was a positive idea, and a platform.

Combining community, art, music, free speech, free press and the urgency of the times, FRONTLINES PRESS has evolved into a medium of revolution in a time when we need to change our society more desperately than ever before.

We MUST do our part, as humans and citizens of this planet to OVERTHROW this corrupt society that has been infiltrated with CRIMINALS, evil governments, corporations and soulless armies of murdering, militant thugs.

We ARE at WAR. Frontlines Press is one medium of many that wants to assist in the battle.



if you would like to contribute articles, writing, music, action plans or art to this website, please contact us via our Facebook site. Anything of a positive and revolutionary, world-rocking and life-changing nature is welcome


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